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The Happy Homemaker is a young artist and homemaker working out of her home. She has both a Bachelors and Masters of Art. She specializes in design, pottery and crafts. She runs a small storefront on Etsy where you can purchase some of her work.

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    Recycled Wine Bottle Self Water / Irrigation System

    4 years ago

    Growing fruit or vegetables in warm climates or in containers requires frequent watering. It is not only necessary but an annoyance to water more than once per day. In my experience, not only did I have to water daily,...

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    Pouring Ceramics in Molds

    4 years ago

    The art of pouring ceramics can be a fun and exciting hobby that allows you to create elaborate ceramic pieces without the master level skill of experienced potters. You can create greenware that is ready to be fired in...

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